Forensic Expo Europe – Seminar Banner

Branding, Marketing

 Banner design for featured seminar at European Conference.

Forensic Expo Europe is a European Conference, held annually in London that brings together professionals from throughout the Forensics industry.

This year (2018), there was a heavy focus on Digital Forensics and a series of seminars were organised on the subject. BluCreative was consulted to design a banner logo that would describe and showcase the featured seminar for the main day of the conference.

This seminar focused on the Digital Investigation of the Internet of Things. As such, the organisers wanted an image that would be instantly recongisable as representing the Internet of Things, with the seminar title showing underneath.

Keeping to BluCreatives mantra of simple, effective design, we kept to a clean white background, bringing in a central element of the symbol for WiFi, and then implementing different technologies within the Internet of Things within that central element. A simple, clear font was chosen for the text.

All design work was performed within the Adobe Creative Suite product set, namely Illustrator and Photoshop.

We wanted something that reflected the Internet of Things (IoT) in a subtle yet positive way. The banner that BluCreative came up with was perfect for the occasion and was commented on by many who attended the seminar. The use of the WiFi symbol denoting the interconnectivity and representations of many of the devices that we have come to understand as IoT devices immediately caught the eye and complimented the backdrop at the event, demonstrating how well the designers at BluCreative understood and delivered on the brief.

Marketing Manager, TR Media Ltd